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Modern Pirates
ExTezZe Дата: Пятница, 16.01.2015, 20:22 | Сообщение # 1

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Now features!!

Lvl is easy on npc near lvl npc u got start gear npc u can buy rb stone poss lvl 150 pet and
Start eq
Death Set
85 Sword
Ring of War and Pwned neck

Money and gems boss drop
Dw each Mob drop 1m
Dw Chest drop Gr8 random vocher and azz card
Dw boss drop Gr8 card//
--Great card only can be farmed from boss
--Great random vocher drop chest ca ,dw
Bd gems and aspd mspd at Wood/Gem land
Stone gems ring neck 20m each
Other gems all for money on npc

Kylin set Best eq on game For Mpo card Slayer rumble card and pk card
Kylin Wep
Modern Set Mall eq
Modern Wep
Ring of death farm on game for Slayer Rumble card
Cod[Ring&Neck] 300 cod card win cod map
Vod[Ring&Neck] 350 vod card win vod map
95 unseal for Mpo Card
Mpo card farm win ca

-Special Admiral Cloak-it giving +20 stats its cool
How to get it??
For 30 Slayer rumble card and BodyGuard Card
BodyGuard Boss not easy kill but he drop BodyGuard Pack
This pack based on luck he can give u BodyGuard card or 5x Gr8 gem,5x Slayer Rumble Card and Legendary Wings for decoration

If u want fuse modern set or kylin u will need use stone of war and heal egg or spirit egg

Chaos Argent- Ca chest drop Gr8 gem vocher when u click it u can get any gem it based on luck
Chaos Argent Win-Mpo Card//Near port is npc excahnger on this exchanger u can get Heal Egg/Sp egg
Forge Boost(30 sec use it for gem lvl 8,9 gems// Legendary wings Decoration and Unseal 95
Slayer Rumble Win-Slayer Rumble Card//BodyGuard boss inside u can check all On Slayer Rumble Npc
Abandon Heaven there are boss what drop King of Mpo gem and Queen of Mpo gem and more
Circle Of Death win map get cod card
Valley Of Death Win Vod card
Wood/Gem land there cut wood or chest drop chest of mpo what give aspd/Mspd gems

Class Balance
and more more!!!
Join us and make srv pro
Mpo Team 


Engrain Дата: Понедельник, 29.06.2015, 13:43 | Сообщение # 2

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тоже потух.

Топ серверов пиратии Go piratia » Сервера пиратии » Архив » Modern Pirates
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