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Moonlight Pirates Online
ExTezZe Дата: Пятница, 16.01.2015, 20:24 | Сообщение # 1

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  • Exp: x5
  • Party: x7
  • Drop Rate: x3
  • Resource Drop Rate: x1
  • Fairy: x50
  • Ship: x5

  • Double Rates on Weekends (Exp and Party)
  • Custom Blueprint (Crafting Weapons and Armors)
  • Daily Quest
  • Custom Rebirth Quest
  • Reputation NPC
  • Crystal Exchanger
  • Exp Manager

    Max Level​
  • Players: 80
  • Pet: 42
  • Socket: 2
  • Gem: 9

    In-Game Gems​
  • Normal Gems
  • Unique Gems
  • BD Gems

    Gem Ways​
  • Normal Gems from Npc
  • Unique Gems from Crystals, CA Chest, BD Mobs
  • BD Gems from Black Dragon and CA Chest and BD Mobs
  • Refining Gem from Mazes,CA

    Money Ways​
  • Daily Quest
  • Fishing Pole

    Main Maps​
  • Argent,Shatain and Icicle

  • Forsaken City 1-3
  • DarkSwamp 1-3
  • Demonic World 1-2
  • Choas Argent (Open after 1 week from Official launch)

    Start In-Game Guide​
  • Once you enter the game go talk to newbie guide and complete the Welcome Quest you will be lved up to Lv9 and can open the starter pack.
  • When you reach Lv35 go talk to Marriam take the quest and complete it to get a Fairy Box.(Note: this quest is not repeatable by same char.)
  • When you reach Lv75 go talk to Goddess in Heaven for Rebirth Quest.


Q: How can i get mordo?
A: From Daily Box by doing quest from Marriam.

Q: How can i get berries,amps, and hi amps?
A: From Legendary Tree of Fortune.

Q: How can i get unseal?
A: Buying Blueprint from reseacher in Icicle and craft it to obtain unseal weapon or armor.

Q: Where can i get materials for crafting blueprint (Unseal)?
A: From mazes (example: if you want to make unseal 45 all material can be found in FC from mobs,mini boss and chest, this apply to other(55 for DS, 65 for DW)).

Q: Where can i farm crystals?
A: You can farm them doing Daily Quest,Killing Chest from mazes, and Killing Boss from mazes.


Engrain Дата: Понедельник, 29.06.2015, 13:43 | Сообщение # 2

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так же архив.

Топ серверов пиратии Go piratia » Сервера пиратии » Архив » Moonlight Pirates Online
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