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Imperials Online [Wiped/Pure PK/Farm]
ExTezZe Дата: Пятница, 16.01.2015, 20:29 | Сообщение # 1

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Pet: 400 + Lv50 fruit for lv0 pets max pet lv130 and improved fruits 150
Leveling: Lv55 Leveling Pack, Sand bag lv1 outside dream, Survivor isle for leveling, High lv leveling in Lost City. Leveling with manually max lv120 With exp packs 135.
Drops is good. not 100% but good.

Many custom maps.
Chaos Argent
Chaos Argent [ Lv55 and below ]
Sacred War
Demonic World 1/2
Forsaken City [ Modified lv55 ]
Dark Swamp [ Modified lv55 ]
Valley of Death [ Lv55 ]
Hell maps
Abba 1 - 18
And many other more!

All items are based on upgrading "Which means that when you obtain your lv35 Unsealed items you can start forging them and fusing them and you will be able to upgrade them later on [ NO GEM LOSS ]"

UNS ITEMS : Lv35/45/55/65/75/85/95/120
Kylin Set/Corp Kylin
Lv55 Black Dragon set!
Rightful Black Dragon set!

Rings : Normal Ring / I Ring / II Ring / III Ring

Necks: NPC Necks / Atlantis Necks / VIP Neck "Obtained by completing a quest!"

Caps: Lv55 Death cap/Lv95 Crown/Lv120 Magic OR Melee caps dropped from SeaPK Bosses!

New sheepskin scroll can be used by any level!
Start by doing Newbie Letter quest!
Many many quest
PK Ranking System
Boss Knowledge
daily quest
rb1-4 custom quests
custom life skill quests
Online for gems system (x time = random gem lv1-3)
Magic classes can also farm/kill.
More information later

FC boss 45 soul
DS boss 55 soul
DW 1 boss 55 soul
DW 2 boss 65 soul
Kyjj = gems
lost city = gems
CA = gems
Chests = gems/exp cards
Bosses = gems/Nss,box 1
Nss = 45 unsealeds,95 cap,oss,bosses,box1
Oss = 55 unsealeds, 95 cap, bosses,box1

Box System Key 1 are in NPC for 4,5m Box 1 drop by boss.
1 Box:
Soul of 45
2x Bloodied Coin
4x BD Gem Voucher
5x Other Gem Voucher
8x Unique Gem Voucher
2 Key
2 Box

2 Box:
Soul of 55
3x Great Gem Voucher
5x Ring Gem Voucher
10x Kal
Exp Card
3 Key
3 Box

3 Box:
Soul of 65
3x Azrael Voucher
5x Bloodied Coin
50x Kal
5x Exp Card
4 Key
4 Box

4 Box:
Soul of 75
Soul of Ring I
Great Gem Voucher
50x award Gold Pag
5x Exp Card
5 Key
5 Box

5 Box:
Soul of 85
Soul of Ring II
15x Azrael Voucher
4x Special Gem Voucher
5x Special Gem Voucher
6 Key
6 Box

6 Box:
Soul of 95
Soul of 95 Crown
10x Special Gem Voucher
10x Random Gem Chest
7x First Price
7 Key
7 Box

7 Box:

Soul of 95
Soul of 120 Faith (Magic)
Soul of Atlantis Mirror
Soul of Atlantis Knowledge
Soul of Atlantis Witchcraft
Soul of Atlantis Indolence
Soul of Atlantis Theologian
8 Key
8 Box

8 Box:
Soul of Corp BD
Soul of 120 Crown (Mele)
10x First Price
100x award Gold Pag
Hardin's Power III
9 Key
9 Box

9 Box:
Soul of 120
Soul of Ring III
Darkness Power III
Hell Feather III
1x Imperials diamond
10 Key
10 Box

10 Box:
Soul of Kylin
Soul of VIP Neck
Soul of Asura III
Styx's Demonizing III
Spirit Crystal of Abyss III
Kylin Chest
5x mall diamond.

Ring gems
Neck gems
Normal gems
Great gems
(edited normal gems and bd gems etc..)

Wiped, Start 17:30 (+2 time zone)


Engrain Дата: Понедельник, 29.06.2015, 13:44 | Сообщение # 2

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Топ серверов пиратии Go piratia » Сервера пиратии » Архив » Imperials Online [Wiped/Pure PK/Farm]
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