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Blood Isle Online
ExTezZe Дата: Пятница, 16.01.2015, 20:32 | Сообщение # 1

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Hello everyone, would like to introduce you to BIO, A med-hard Server ! you will get all the pk you want + lvling and gemming isnt that easy! A lot of quests r waiting for ya

+ Server Links :

Patch : Mega 4Shared
Client : Mega 4Sahred
Facebook Page

+ Blood Isle Online Rates :

Solo Exp = 15x
Party Exp = 15x
Fairy Exp = 150x
Drop Rate = 10x
Ship Exp = 50x

Max Lv is currently lv 120, no jump ( We might raise lv to 130 in the future ).
Max Pet lv is 50 with improved fruit from 40 to 50.

+ Maps :

The Old version of those files ( GSO ) had alot of new map, pk map especially, so we decided to remove most of them and keep basics pk maps for now.
All Normal Maps
Chaos Argent.
Death Circle.
Bounty Hunter PK.
Aurora - Open only on Saturday. Needed map to quest, and boss.
Dark Area - Open only on Sunday. Needed map to quest, and boss.
Abbadon 5+ - Open on Friday and Saturday
UnderWorld - Open Only on Sunday
Sand Bag Island for players Lv85 or Less. It opens every 6 hours for a duration of 1h30.
Winter Island & Winter Island 2 to lvlup higher lvl.
Thundoria Mirage with respaw of 3 Sand Bags Lv5 each 30 minutes

+ Gems :

In our server we got a good diversity a gem, that leads to a great diversity of buil for everyone.
When you do BIO quest, you will receive ref and unique gems to forge.
Unique Gems, Chipped Gems, Cracked Gems, Broken Gems, Rock Gems and Normal Gems selling in NPC for a faire price!
Gem of Soul, Great Gem of Soul and Azareal’s Light can be forge in Gloves and Boots.
Soul of Black Dragon, Gem limit level max Level 5 at moment.
Azareal’s Gem limit of level at max Level 6.
Great Gem limit of level is 7.
There are alot of different way to farm gem, BIO quest, bosses, maze chest, but the better is the gem, the harder it will be to farm it.

+ Npc's :

Server got alot of new npcs, like every kind of private server.
Most of the apparel ingame can be obtained from apparel shop, some new will be in mall or award center when it opens.
100% of the items can be obtained in game by NPC, Quests or Drops from Boss, of course we will have a mall later, but we wont add any equipement before someone reach to get it by quest first.
Kal Exchanger for many types items like new neck, coral for voy, pot,etc ( I wont call that a kal server, cause kal arent easy to get like on other server, kals are only from some bosses or quest ).
Morph Exchanger for Weapons Unseal 65. Unseal 55 are in npc for 5m, but you will earn them by quest easily and in no time ( Quest n°1 ).
Fairy Coins Exchanger for Second Fairys gen and much other itens like manuf, pot!
Reputation Shop for gold and some itens!
Rebirth Card only by GSO Quest, but its not hard to complet ( Quest n°4 or 5 )!
Mordo Jr for Kal runestone or by completing BIO Quest.

+ Class Balance Status :

Cleric received more HP, Def and SP.
Seal Master received more HP, Def and SP.
SharpShooter received more Atk, HP, Def.
Champion receive more ASPD, Atk, and reduced a little defense.
Voyager received more HP, Def and SP.
Spirit bonus has been changed from the old limit 100 to 145 points.
Accuracy bonus has been changed from the old limit 100 to 115 points.
Constitution bonus has been changed from the old limit 100 to 110 points.
The Skill of Voyager Fog now has the same effect as the Stealth skill Crusader!
Cleric, Seal Master and Voyager Bolts add 15% max Damage
Cleric Energy shield balanced the resistance.
Seal of Elder can stun the enemy for 3 seconds.
Shadow Insignia add Damage fixed and poison effect for 10 seconds on enemy.
Rebirth Skills increased the damage power.
Added new Skill for Rebirth Level 2 this can be entering in invulnerable mode for 6 seconds.
+ Special Quests :

Hexalon Quest now gives a lot of Exp and Gold, and when finish each quest you receive one special Chest that can give to you some chances to get Unique Gems or Super Gems or Great Gems or Diamond Gems or Black Dragon Gems or Azrael Gems. [Open only on Saturday and Sunday]. It is a special maze that open at argent ft, go in and take the quest. We made it a little bit harder, you have to farm more item and kill more mob.

History Quest gives a lot of Exp and Life Skill Points now.

Winter Quest gives a lot of Exp, Gold and amazing Prizes.

BIO Quest – This new quest is the better option to start play in BIO, you can start those quest at Argent Fountain. The quest is divided into 11 steps, but for now we decided to stop at quest 7.

-Server will be updated weekly if not daily

Credits :
and many more if am missing anyone let me know ​


Engrain Дата: Понедельник, 29.06.2015, 13:46 | Сообщение # 2

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