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[EN]Pirate Royalty (Unreal Engine 5)


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Download the game and play now! The links are in discord!





  • Registration system in game
  • Click to move
  • Account creation: Lance, Carsise, Ami, Phyllis
  • Character selection
  • Chatting
  • Leveling Attributes / stats
  • Swordman, Hunter, Explorer and Herbalist classes
  • Armor and weapons per class
  • PVP zone
  • Switch characters menu
  • Ascaron and outskirts
  • Mobs
  • Mob drops, you can collect items and sell them
  • Basic melee
  • NPC Trading System (you can buy and sell items)
  • Leveling
  • Elven fruit, apple, bread, and cake to restore players health when double clicked in inventory
  • Character persistence (saving your stats, inventory, etc).
  • Quest system, newbie quests etc.
  • Auto detect and set graphics settings

Looking for early testers!




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  • 3 weeks later...
  • Updated targeting system: click on the mob, run towards the mob until your character starts attacking.
  • Experience gain fix.
  • Fixed NPC hit boxes (Problem with Goaldie and others where it wasn't matching the size of the model)
  • Camera is now higher over the character and the angle is steeper to make it easier to select objects in front of the character and overall visibility
  • No more getting inside the planers near the fountain (people were getting inside for fun and got stuck)
  • Easier to use hot keys ALT+Q (quests) ALT+E (inventory)
  • No more clicking or hovering on NPCs through your opened NPC window.
  • Red Date fixed. Now healing 300 health points (obtained from Sleepy Snail)


  • Letter to Coddy quest
  • Grass Tortoise is in the game
  • More Ascaron area done
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  • Go-piratia changed the title to [EN]Pirate Royalty (Unreal Engine 5)
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• PVP is now open for everyone at 245,848!

• Healing to full health is available at Nurse Gina for 10 gold.

• Swordman class and attribute calculations

• Swordman quests

• Armor and weapons for Swordman lvl 10 and 15.

• Cuddly Sheep and items to support it

• Piglet and items to support it

• Mouse centering fixes

• VFX for loot on the ground

• More Ascaron area to support new mobs

• Tooltip for items sold by NPCs.

• Nila to sell gloves, shoes, and armor for Swordman class

• Chest for lvl 10 with items inside for Swordman

• NPCs to support Swordman quests Press F11 for windowed mode!

•  Navigator added to make it easier find coordinates in the game

• Coordinate system was switched to meters

•  Exp % in details is fixed

•  Lvl is visiblity on character selection screen (for existing characters please lvl up your character one more time to see that)

•  Your character is no longer blocking clicks (helps in combat and NPC selections)

• Swordman promotion quest is at Senna upon reaching lvl 9.

• Location saving upon leaving game

• Menu option to switch characters without having to close down the whole game


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