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[EN]Lost Paradise Online - Reborn [ Under Development ]


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Lost Paradise Reborn

Server Info 
Solo EXP: 3x
Party EXP: 10x
Fairy Growth: 25x
 Drop Rate: 1x
 Ship EXP: 5x

Discord Server : https://discord.gg/jtUye9EBp6



Server Features

Old School Style

New Class - Assassin, Wizard

Unique and new features

New Mazes, Dungeons & Instances

Newbie Starter Kit

5th Gen Fairies

Upgradable Wings

60 FPS

Mount System

New Apparels

Fairy Marriage System

Kals Exchange

Hexathlon Quest / Free Lunch Quest (Saturday / Sunday)

Mentor and Disciple System at Lv80 (new rewards)

Land Fishing

In-game player’s commands

Kill Death Ratio Ranking System (monthly)

Woodcutting / Mining / Fishing System (new drops)

NSS System (new rewards)

Bounty Quest Hunting System

Rebirth Quest 1-3 (custom)

In-game Shop (IGS)

Reputation for credits

Vote for credits

Premium Membership System

Maximum Guild Members: 20

More to discover in-game…


Main Town

Argent City

Shaitan City

Icicle Castle


Note : Join our Discord Channel to keep updated on our development stage.





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