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Новый сервер Кракен Онлайн 10 ноября!

Дорогие друзья, я рад сообщить вам, что наша команда готова запустить новый сервер, основанный на концепции Easy PK Server, а также используя идею «Сезонности» 

Что это значит? 

  • Теперь срок жизни сервера будет ограничен сезонами, в данном случае Новый Сервер - Сезон 1, рассчитанный на 3 месяца игры.
  • Мы полностью пересмотрели концепцию нашего проекта и взяли за основу пожелания игроков и наш опыт за 4 года разработки серверов.
  • Мы максимально упростили развитие персонажа в игре и создали условия для интересных и конкурентных сражений. 
  • Ждем вас и ваших друзей на нашем новом острове! 

На данный момент мы активно готовимся к запуску и наращиваем рекламную кампанию! 

Доступно описание нового острова  https://kraken-online.org/forum/index.php?/topic/806-season-1-concept/

Официальная дата открытия: 10.11.2023 
Дата открытия регистрации аккаунта: 09.11.2023 
Время запуска сервера: 22:00 по МСК
Бесплатная раздача кристаллов в нашем дискорде! 
Свободные вакансии модераторов и гейм волонтеров!


Наш дискорд: https://discord.com/invite/b2n9H7D

С наилучшими пожеланиями,
Команда Kraken 

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  • pirat changed the title to [RU/EN]Kraken Online

We have added the class promotion to the interface

At level 10 and at level 40 you will receive a special notification on your screen, which will give you the opportunity to immediately get the desired class and continue the game, without wasting time on quests and dialogues with NPCs



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Battle Pass System A special system that allows you to get rare items by completing various quests

  1. Click on the special icon under the minimap
  2. 48 reward levels available
  3. Depending on your VIP level, the reward may be better
  4. Complete daily tasks and gain experience
  5. In order to receive the main quests, you must finish main quests.

The system is under development and will be improved in the next update 




Battle Pass

To open the battle pass you will have to click on the Battle Pass icon on the top right corner of your game.

Новая вкладка - Google Chrome 2023-12-08 18.30.59.png


Battle Pass structure

1. Progress

Новая вкладка - Google Chrome 2023-12-08 18.47.20.png

What it consists of:

- Level and progress bar
- Reward that can be claimed will be additionally shown
- Player can claimed rewards depending on VIP level
- 48 Battle Pass levels available


2. Quests

Новая вкладка - Google Chrome 2023-12-08 19.23.27.png

Gradation of opening quests - 
Main quests completed -> "Collect" quests completed -> "Kill" quests completed -> 1200 Battle Pass Point
This means that you will receive 1000 battle pass points only when you complete x2 Main quests, x5 Collect quests, x5 Kill quests

- Quests for collecting loot and killing monsters may vary
- Quests are not counted automatically! To complete the quest you need to click on the "Complete" button.
Новая вкладка - Google Chrome 2023-12-08 19.37.07.png


1. Main quests completed:
Новая вкладка - Google Chrome 2023-12-08 19.31.16.png

2. Collect quests completed:
Новая вкладка - Google Chrome 2023-12-08 21.01.36.png

3. Kill quests completed:

Pruébame Señor Cristian Morales Feat Silas Gonzale.png

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1. New level cap - 100

  • If you are a beginner, then you can easily get level 95 in Newbie Paradise

2. New gem - Advanced Gem

  • You can get a chest with these gems by killing monsters in Naval Base, as well as Barbarossa and DSC!  

3. Improved Newbie Paradise location

  • New floor to get exp from level 70 to 90
  • New items in Newbie Paradise Exchanger: Mordo Junior, Possession, 65 unseal set, Looter Pet, Mount and other items!
  • 10k from mobs

4. Game changes

  • x2 gold from FC, DS, DW runestones
  • Added Reputation Scroll to FC, DS, DW chests
  • Added Jade Gems to Lone Tower 1-6
  • Guild Slots Increased to 30 players
  • Season Guild Rating table will be wiped to 0 and now will be wiped every week
  • Gold Island - number of resources required to spawn monsters has been reduced to 200
  • CTF - reduced reduced number of victory points to 50 and significantly improved rewards (Great gems and etc.)

5. Spring Wheel of Fortune

Finally Wheel of Fortune ready and available for everyone to try your luck! To open it click on the gift icon, below minimap. 2 differents wheels for Gold and for Crystals

6. Auction

After the update, you will have the opportunity to compete for unique items in the auction until 23:59 Sunday 31.03.2024

7. Crystals Promotion

Bonus + 30% Crystals for every account replenishment The promotion is valid until 23:59 Sunday 31.03.2024 Don't miss your chance!

8.Spring Event

From each monster above level 35, you can get the Spring Flower (5%) directly into your inventory! This item is not affected by various amplifiers and poss You can exchange it for:

  • Different Gems
  • Rare Items
  • Apparels
  • Other things at Event NPC - Jarvis in Argent City 2192, 2787!

9.New unique necks and rings - Lv 70 and 75

You can upgrade your rings and necks with Angelic Dices, which can be obtained by killing BD monsters in Chaos Argent and Snow War Exchange at NPC Wolrd Exchanger

10. Wedding

Finally, you can marry your soulmate! You can get Valentine Day Ring from all CA and SW bosses and Item Mall Guide https://kraken-online.org/forum/index.php?/topic/804-wedding

11. Fruit of Growth added to Fairy NPC - price 20k

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